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FOR OVER A DECADE, I have been assisting my clients in projecting the best image possible that complements their body types and individual needs. Whether it is a look they have seen on the red carpet, in magazines, or on social media,  I collaborate closely with them to develop a strategy that includes clothing, make-up, and accessories, as well as advice on how to improve one's overall appearance, helping my clients look and feel their best.

Film and TV.png

CHOOSING AND CO-ORDINATING outfits for models in photo shoots or actors in television and film, creating the perfect clothing story for the projects, is an extension of my work that allows me to design an entire persona through style. It extends beyond what they wear for published features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, events, shows, and public appearances; it is frequently reflected in their personal clothing style.

Personal Shopper.png

AS A PERSONAL SHOPPER, I learn about my customers' likes, dislikes, and budget during the initial appointment before embarking on a fun-filled shopping spree that includes stylish clothes, make-up, and accessories. Your bespoke personal shopping experience, combined with detailed personal styling tips, will also help build self-confidence, whether you are shopping with me in person or deciding on various clothing options in the privacy of your office or home.

Fashion Journalist.png

AS A FASHION JOURNALIST, I have written for many print and online publications in Cyprus and abroad, covering a wide range of fashion-related topics, including interviews with renowned fashion designers, influencers, and a new generation of photographers who are consciously reclaiming and reinventing the fashion narrative. 

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